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Self-Empathy With Ethical Responsibility and Centredness

In our previous posts, we introduced you to what self-empathy is and the importance of noticing that which takes place within your own experience. We showed how noticing with self-empathy brings insight into your own mental reactions and habits as well as the possibility to consciously act and react in the world surrounding you. Yet in order to do so, one needs to have the courage to explore, which requires us to contract ethical responsibility.

To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

Self-disclosure of sexual trauma is a question many survivors contemplate. “Do I disclose or not, and if so, to whom, under what circumstances, and how is it best to do it?” Some choose to disclose widely (e.g., posting a social media message to friends and family) while others may choose to never disclose (e.g., never telling a soul, not even to one's spouse).

New study suggests ADHD- like behavior helps spur entrepreneurial activity

Many people have experienced a few nights of bad sleep that resulted in shifting attention spans, impulsive tendencies and hyperactivity the next day -- all behaviors resembling ADHD. A new study found that this dynamic may also be linked to increased entrepreneurial behavior.

Six Tips to Reduce COVID Decision Fatigue

As each state, county, town, employer, small business owner, school district, family, and individual plots a course for the fall, we are inundated with decisions to make. There are big decisions, like whether to move your family out of the city, whether to send your kids back to school, and whether to keep your job.

Children with autism learn new rules in a COVID-19 world, and not all of them are easy

Seven-year-old Idris Zayic popped his head out of the sliding glass door in the backyard of his Chaska home and paused for a few seconds.

“Can you come outside for a second, Idris?” his mom, Oana Zayic, said, promising him a trip to Target later if he did.

How to Know When Your Depression Is Getting Better

As you begin treatment for depression, it may take a bit of time for you to feel like you're back to your normal self. If your progress is slow, it's natural to question whether you're really improving. To help you assess your progress, work with your doctor to set some goals to use as benchmarks.

Be the Change: Teen shares battle with eating disorder

When I was 12 years old, I lived in a place full of people who looked nothing like me. I went to a predominantly Asian school and lived on an island, which was a lot of fun, but it made me stick out. I was tall, very pale, blonde, and bigger than most of my peers. I had been bigger for most of my life, and it didn’t bother me until middle school, when looks became important to everyone. Unfortunately our society teaches kids that there’s a way you need to look, and if you don’t look that way you’re wrong. From TV to advertisements, the message is that to be pretty you must be skinny. This mentality pushed me into the downward spiral of eating disorders.

Sharing Vulnerability: A Secret to Closer Friendships

The other day, I was on the phone with a friend. “How’s it going?” she chirped, as we generally do when we start a call. “Tough week,” I said. “Some real problems. Glad we’re getting a chance to catch up.”

Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

Emotional abuse is often covert and insidious. Many people who are victims of emotional abuse are not aware they are being abused or are in a toxic relationship. It is interesting to note that the most common type of abuse is emotional; and all abuse, sexual, physical, financial, etc., is emotionally abusive.

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